Our bio security SERVICES is aimed at preventing the introduction and spread of harmful organisms such as virus, bacteria, fungi, algae and protozoa in Industrial & production facilities, commercial buildings, restaurants, schools, hospitals, clinics, offices, vessels, churches, gyms, social club centers, cafeterias, athletic facilities, sports equipment, locker rooms, hotels, grocery stores, food operations, livestock pens, livestock transport, private dwellings, commercial fleets, aircraft, cruise ships, police & fire stations, institutions, prisons, and more. Using the right type of Practical hygiene advice, disinfectant and procedure for the best disinfecting outcome under approved Environmental health frame work.

Our approaches includes,

  • Inspection of the targeted area and identification of contamination sources
  • Recommendations based on the inspection findings
  • Scheduled Disinfection treatments that focus on both critical and hard-to-reach spots with the use of high precision equipment.
  • Regular Follow-up and lab testing


Our training and consultant services will focus on providing knowledge to your employee on importance of hygienic food practices through impacting skills and knowledge needed to safely handle food. Taking pride in connecting with all levels of food handlers, providing them with the knowledge they need to avoid food poisoning, cross-contamination, and many other potentially dangerous food handling cases.

Each course provides attendees with modern food hygiene information using a range of training material to guarantee your employees understand their food safety responsibilities.

We ensure our training classes meet both local, international standards, and at all levels of skill and educational background.

Our professional certified trainers possess needed experience to be applied in practical situation that will safeguard your professional and business reputation, support your organization in maintaining the highest quality food standards, and teach employees how to avoid wastage while increasing productivity and profitability